• Which country has the largest growth in cellphone usage in past 20 years?
  • Face Palm: How to Recover Deleted Files

    Face Palm: How to Recover Deleted Files

    Do you recall moments when you have accidentally deleted a file as you reformat your hard disk? Or perhaps a killer virus cracked into your computer which forced you to reformat your hard disk? It is quite possible that all of us had one of those moments when we experience the downside of technology. On…

  • Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

    Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

    The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is designed to be like no other mouse in terms of the way it looks and feels and how it performs. When in use, it is curved for ergonomic comfort, but you can flatten it (to about the size of a smaller mobile phone) to pack and take with you.…

  • Dragonflyer X6 RC Helicopter

    Dragonflyer X6 RC Helicopter

    When you talk about science fiction imitating real life, the Dragonflyer X6 helicopter immediately comes to mind.  What began years ago as a remote controlled child’s toy has evolved into an honest to goodness Unmanned Aerial Vehicle [UAV], capable of taking clear and precise still photographs and video images.  One of the wonderful features of…

  • Compact Nixie Tube Clock

    Compact Nixie Tube Clock

    My situation may be a little unusual, but even though this little clock is sort of expensive, it turned out to be the perfect thing. My middle son has Asperger’s syndrome, and last year at age 18 he graduated from high school. Those 12 years were not always easy for him or the rest of…

  • Roku XDS Streaming Player 1080p

    Roku XDS Streaming Player 1080p

    Well, my cable bill went up one too many times last year, and so I finally canceled it and got a Roku XDS Streaming Player instead. This works great for me because movies are my big thing, and you can stream movies directly from Netflix. So for a one-time $99, plus less than 10 bucks…

  • Emtec flash drives animal series

    Emtec flash drives animal series

    I bought one of these for my little sister, who started college this year. I wanted to get her something useful, but also something cute and that I knew she would like. I chose the Panther design because it looks just like her favorite kitty cat (who had to stay home with Mom when my…